The Annual Meeting on January 15, 1960 saw the establishment of Civil Engineering Scholarships. The Scholarship was $200 for an engineering student at the University of New Brunswick. Today we usually award four scholarships.  Two in the amount of $7,000 each to engineering students at the University of New Brunswick and the Université de Moncton, and two in the amount of $3,000 each awarded to students of NBCC at their Edmundston and Moncton campuses.

Conditions: The University awards are presented to a full-time civil engineering student who has completed at least 135 credit hours of the regular program, based on experience, need, and an interest in road building. The NBCC Scholarships are awarded to full time Engineering Technology students enrolled at any campus of NBCC.  All awards are to be given to students who are a New Brunswick resident.

At the 2019 Annual Meeting, the total amount of scholarships awarded since the beginning of the program is $186,000.

These programs confirm our Association’s interest in continuing education.


The Recipients at January 2019