Becoming a Member

Benefits of NBRB&HCA Membership

As a member in the New Brunswick Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association your firm has access to an impressive array of benefits. Your active participation in the association multiplies the intangible benefits that come from being a member. Networking opportunities, new friendships, working with like-minded individuals for a common cause open up new possibilities that may not be available to you outside the NBRB&HCA.

Tangible benefits also have a lot of value and easily cover the cost of the modest annual membership dues.

Members receive:

  • Minutes of monthly Board meeting
    You’ll always be up-to-date on how your association is working on your behalf.
  • Monthly and year-to-date listing of tender results
    Having one source access to all tender results will save you a considerable amount of time and energy.
  • Opportunity to participate in various standing committees
    his is your opportunity to provide input and strengthen the industry.
  • Affiliated membership in the Canadian Construction Association.
    A strong association working on the behalf of all contractors and affiliated suppliers.
  • Affiliated membership in the New Brunswick Construction Safety Association
    As a New Brunswick firm, your membership strengthens the organization and provides it with a stronger voice on your behalf.
  • Opportunity to participate in Technical Seminars
    Keep yourself and staff up to date on the newest technical information available without having to travel out of province.
  • Annual pocket size Membership Directory
    Handy to have when you’re looking for suppliers, joint venture partners or sub-trades that are RBA members.
  • Opportunity to have a free listing in the Buyers’ Guide
    You never know where the next phone call will come from and this is a great place to let all members know the type of services, equipment and expertise you can provide.
  • Opportunity to attend the Annual General Meeting, Summer Meeting and Golf Tournament
    These meetings provide excellent opportunities to meet clients, decision makers and others in a non-formal  environment. Don’t let this incredible networking occasion pass you by.
  • Opportunity to vote for NBRB&HCA Directors
    As a member your vote counts.